I follow my dreams and trust in myself...

I take challenges, and don't let fear or insecurity stop me from trying new things in my career. I worked on video games, short films, TV shows, animated features and advertising. I designed logos and strategies for different business and projects. 

Social innovation projects are also part of my life. In my spare time, I develop new strategies, concepts and ideas to improve the social needs of different elements.

Classical Animation Desk, VFS Classical Animation Program 2012

Classical Animation Desk, VFS Classical Animation Program 2012

¨ Awards & Festivals

In September 2015 "Improbus" was screened at the Short Film Festival in Mexico Improbus was a Poetry Animated Short Film Directed by David Ricardo García. I worked directly with amazing animators such as Carolina González and Carlos Omar Mejía Rosas. In this shortfilm I was in charge of the Compositing, efects animation and color.
In December 2013 "Catrina" won the 9th Athens Animfest 2013 3rd Prize, also in 2013 Catrina was screened in the Vancouver Short Film Festival. Catrina was a solo project made by hand in paper.
In May 2009 "Ribo" won the Design Innovation Award Animation CEDIM 1st Prize. This film was an amazing collaboration with Alejandra Green and Mares García de León. In this film I did animation, original idea, script and direction.
In June 2007 I won the La Salle 1st Prize medal Winner This award is for the most outstanding student among 250 people in highschool.

♥ During my education I won innovation awards, speech and honors.

Software I know how to use:

¨ Studies

■ In 2007 I studied fashion design and marketing in Argentina in the schools  "Artilaria" and "TDO".

■ In 2008 I did a degree in animation for 4.5 years in The Monterrey Center for Higher Learning of Design (CEDIM).

■ In 2011 I had the opportunity of student-exchange with the Veritas University in Costa Rica.

■ In 2012 I did Classical Animation Program  in Vancouver Film School (CA82).

■ In 2013 Digital Character Animation Program in Vancouver Film School (DCA31)

See Certificates and Diplomas

"Ribo" sculpture 2009 made in the Oscar Carreño´s workshop.

"Ribo" sculpture 2009 made in the Oscar Carreño´s workshop.


Certifications and Diplomas:

■ 2016 // Adobe Photoshop Certification

■ 2017 // Adobe Video and Audio Maestry

■ 2011 // Classical Animation Layout Diploma with Marec Fritzinger in the The Autonomous University of Nuevo León

■ 2011 // Character Design workshop with Nacho Yagüe from Ubisoft in CEDIM

■ 2009 // Praxinoscope workshop with Alex Stahl from Pixar in MARCO Monterrey Mx


Spanish (First Language) and English (Advanced)

♥ I also studied the basics of Japanese and French.


I've work either in agencies, studios and as a freelance.
I designed logos and made strategies for different business and projects.



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