My mind is always creating new ideas. I like to create new worlds and express myself there. My favorite part is to create backgrounds and things that the characters can use (props). I have participated in videogames and television series. One of the cool things about this is that you feel like you're there, living with the characters and living their story.

I lived in many countries before, travel makes me strong in art. I am living in Vancouver and I use to go to take coffee around hastings to draw people around. Also I attend to the life drawing sessions pretty often.

I enjoy making illustrations for every kind of projects like editorial (magazines) or fashion. Also I like the Manga style. Drawing Manga is a hobby for me. Some of my projects are based in Manga characters because I feel that Manga Characters has something misterius and dramatic but at the same time are cute and can be happy and funny.

My portfolio also includes a section of Mandalas and Photography. As part of my hobbies I like to create new products and drawings to sell in my store.