La Oveja Holistica

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What is it?

Translated as "The holistic sheep" is a brand from Monterrey, Mexico.

It focuses on the physical, the spiritual, the psychological and the emotional. This is not something I do commonly, but the client insisted on using his daughter's drawing as an isotype. So what I do was to trace the drawing to make it vectors and reflect the lines to find symmetry. However the logo is not symmetrical because some parts were preserved like the hair direction.

Some information about this business is that 50% people do not finish their therapy because of fear. This company provide the individual with the path through the workshops, therapies, experiences and practices proposed towards your personal encounter and self-realization. Therefore, they look for a "childish" image that could help the person feel safe. This kind of drawing helps the client feel comfortable.

Once we had that drawing I decided to change the type of line. At first we wanted a calligraphic line but then we changed it for a normal round-ending line. That decision was because we wanted to make the logo by hand instead of using an existing font. The calligraphic line did not work well for the stroke we had selected. The logo was based in the font named Beverley one stroke.

I traced the letters by hand and then retraced them with vector lines. The next thing was to measure the separations with spaces.

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ba6fNaranja copia.png


The main idea of the client was to use the colors in chromatic order, but that would throw the market in another direction. Saturated rainbow colors are very common and we prefer to experiment with other combinations.

In addition to this logo we also create a version in which the whole herd of sheep appears. The only problem was that we return to the rainbow. Yes, we look for a childish idea, but we also wanted to be serious because this company is based in therapy and discipline. So we keep the rainbow just to use it sometimes, in some places, but we took off the green sheep and change it for a black one.


This is the final result of the logo. This is the oficial one.





On this occasion the client only gave some figures to start with: circles, a star, a cloud, a clover, a diamond and a heart. The whole idea, without a prior brief, had to be created by me. The first words that came to my mind were: luck, love, empathy, money, Las Vegas, gambling, bets, travel, fortune.

It was difficult to mix the figures without thinking about a casino or Lucky Charms. Also, I wanted to push my creativity out of the conventional combination of figures. So I started playing with the figures until I got a new combination:

derivacion_Mesa de trabajo 1.png

After that, I made a combination of all the figures. This combination would result in a final image that could be presented as part of the branding. One of the most important things about the next image is that I was looking for a “tribe” feeling. This new symbol would be like an amulet of success.

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This image retains the idea of luck and fortune but takes it to another direction. I was looking for: “tribal”, “freedom”, “adventure”, “fortune”, “lucky”, “empathy”, “nature”. The new brand is for skateboards. Based on a market that loves to travel, live adventures and will need good vibes to make it happen.



I decided to inspire my new brand in Bacalar. The skateboard is fictional, but I would like to think that it was made in Mexico, by artists who wanted to paint or design the art on the product.

logo with name.png

Bacalar is the municipal seat and largest city in Bacalar Municipality in the Mexican state of Quintana Roo, Mexico. Near to Chetumal and Cancún.

The name most likely derives from Mayan languages: b'ak halal, meaning "surrounded by reeds" (Phragmites australis).





The application would also have an option to make your own skateboard, choose the art or print the design and the color of the wheels and the tracks; so you can order a special skateboard for your adventure.


Images from shutterstock and pixabay.

Marianna Zepeda

This design was made for Marianna Zepeda, producer, photographer and film maker. It is a simple concept based in her own work.


The typography is similar to the one found in the old typewriters that allude to movie scripts.

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Two types of business cards were made. One to a standard size and a square one, this is a mini card of 2x2 in.

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I worked for the Museum of the City of Ojinaga to create a new image that allows the museum to grow and spread the culture in the city. The culture center helps in the education of children and adults in the area. It offers exhibition services and speaking groups such as Toast Masters.

The Logotipe

museo_logo copy.png

The logo shows a fossilized snail called Ammonite. Before the museum exhibited some dinosaur bones but now works as a cultural center and it shows art exhibitions, sculpture and courses of painting and guitar.


The Branding


The Colors




CMYK 0%, 57%, 84%, 7%




CMYK 63%, 11%, 0%, 21%




CMYK 0%, 90%, 65%, 9%


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LD Steel LLC


LD Steel LLC is a metal trader firm located in Huston, Texas. Their mission is to supply high quality steel materials, innovate to give our customers better purchase options and provide an excellent service committed to the success of our costumers projects.

For this project, we think about the best way to sell a new company and address the main values hat are quality, trust and teamwork.

We created three icons that would be the representation of the brand and we assigned 3 colors that would be dedicated to those values.


purple #614857

cmyk(0%, 26%, 10%, 62%)

Green #8fad58

cmyk(17%, 0%, 49%, 32%)

Orange #e58d5c

cmyk(0%, 38%, 60%, 10%


Blue #465b7d

Blue #465b7d




La Place


The Bar La Place is a Pub located in Chihuahua, Mexico. It is known as a traditional bar where they present comedy shows. The redesign also included the possibility of attracting a new quieter market where the party was not a priority but business or quiet conversations.

The Logo

The logo would be printed in several things like the menus, windows, napkins, cup holders, among others.

The Branding


The paper on which the cover of the menu was printed was a bright golden-orange that is commonly used for wedding invitations. The most complex part was printing on this paper and that the green color was still respected despite the orange base. We did it by printing a bright green color instead of using the palette we had created.


The Menu

The rest of the menu was printed in a beautiful bone-colored opaline. This also allowed the menu to be reprinted at home without having to resort to printing. It was letter size, normal.


The Pattern

The biggest challenge of this project was to make a pattern. The original idea included that this pattern was present in all the mobility that had fabric, as well as printed on large sheets of metal that would function as screens. The idea of he leaves was born from the Italian furniture selected by the owners of the bar.




Gautier is a clothing store located in San Antonio, Tx. The store sells evening and graduation dresses, including different brands such as Sherri Hill, Jovani, Alice, among others.

Gautier has two branches in two important malls of the city and the main objective of the brand is to position itself as an elegant store with variety and good service.

The Logo

The logo was made by making several sketches on paper before arriving at the digital form. I was looking for something simple but original to keep track of the objective of the brand.


The letters of Gautier are approximately 13X high, except for the G that is 15X. There is a line of 1/3X that separates the word Gautier from the word Formal Dress. This line is 1X away from the "floor" where the letters fall.

The letters "Formal Dress" are 3.5X high and are 1X between the line and the "head" of the letter. The area of espect, which is the minimum space that must exist between the logo and other elements, is at least 6X in all directions.

(Taking the letter T as reference the unit X is = to 1/13 of R).

The Typography

The word Gautier is written in vectors while "formal dresses" was written with New Times Gothic MT, optionally it can be used in "bold" to give more thickness to the letter if needed.



The original logo was printed on metal sheet to decorate the store. Later, the Gautier logo changed slightly to adapt to the digital version, adopting a soft golden color and a black background. Being gold, black and white the official colors of the brand. You can also find this combination inside the store printed on labels and stationery.



The website aims to present the dresses, so it is not intended to saturate with any other content on the page, it is maintained only with the logo in black and white, the navigation bar and the dresses that rotate in a Carousel on top and the names of the marks on the bottom.

The names of the marks show a small golden label with the letter "G" on a triangle. This letter G also appears as an icon in the navigation bar but in black. The official website of the store is


The following project was carried out for the doctors Arturo and Silvana Rohana, international recognized psychologists. The doctors have written 6 books of personal improvement through 30 years of experience.

The objective was to find a new essence for the brand and to be able to give it a fresh and innovative touch. The main thing was to analyze the existing to make way for the disruption.

The Logo

This logo is slightly more difficult to handle than others that I have designed because it was in a circle with the initials inside. The important thing is to keep centered the initial logo formed by the A + S and keep the proportion of the circle.

The logo is made up of small pieces of a puzzle or logic toy. The idea was to transmit freshness to the brand as the new games of neuroscience, memory or personal improvement that we find in the apps and other multimedia contents.



The Colors

I based the project on a bright color palette that was not very intense at the same time. Although I wanted it to be something striking, I did not want it to be confused with a game for children. The subjects that the books of the doctors Rohana touch are deep and serious subjects, that although they must transmit joy (by that motivation to surpass and to inform themselves) also they must be serious, for an adult.


The Books

The main objective of the project was to make a new image to sell the product "gift package". Analyzing the content of the books we discovered that it could be a "formula for success".

We are based on the mathematical theme in the alliance of the doctors, also analyzing that they are a couple and that they sell a content of improvement and a better quality of life. For that reason the "+" sign in the equation was important.


The Folder

In addition to books, Rohana doctors also give advice, therapies and conferences at an international level. It was necessary to create a folder that could contain a disc and a sheet of paper that would explain your products to potential clients or that would work as a brief explanation of your career, education and experience:

A simple version with-out card bag:

The typography

The fonts used for this project was a combination of Impact and Futura. Impact gives us the feeling of modernity and presents the problem while Futura gives us the answer.


Deadline Survivor


Deadline Survivor is a blog in Spanish about the animation industry in Latin America. The blog talks about the industry and also offers advice for people who have just started in this career. The blog has different sections with different points of view related to the improvement of projects and also covers interviews at an international level with animators and filmmakers.

The Logo

The Deadline Survivor logo is made up of an isotype and the name. X = 1 using the R as reference.


Typography is very important because it is also used in the content of the blog. These fonts are used in web format. We make a combination between Próxima Nova and Bebas Neue to give it a mixed touch. Próxima Nova is very friendly and allows the user to feel confident. Bebas, on the other hand, reminds us more of action and moments of tension like competition and war survival. This is interesting because the concept and philosophy of Deadline Survivor is to challenge each other and always continue with new projects. We are also always attentive to time, placing the deadline as a priority.


The Gifs

"Survive", "Time", "Velocity" and "Motivation" are the 4 words that we often use to define the campaigns. We love to feel the adrenaline of making new animations or shortfilms. The concept is to make things fast and become better with practice. We represent that in our gifs.


The Sections

There are twelve sections in the blog that allow us to know everything about the animation even if we are only curious or if we are already professionals. They are divided it goes from 0 to 100 and that is also interested the user in being part of the groups or helping us to grow by sharing information or donating resources.

The Color

Each section has its color represented in HEX and the logos and products are based on it as well. The idea is, for example, that if you are an independent animator your color will be red because you are now part of the industry. But students have a gray-blue color that allows others to identify and share experiences.


The Blog Design and Social Media

The website design was made to be clean and easy to navigate. The idea was to completely avoid any add or advertising attempt. We wanted the animator to feel comfortable on the platform and not be dealing with annoying advertisements. Therefore, we do not place monetizations or any kind of product within the posts, but if there is a plan to create a store for the aforementioned products, for own products only.


Due to the constant changes that Facebook has made to its pages, it has been difficult for us to adapt to the design forms and that is why we have created multi-images that together makes one. In the same way this allows us to address different issues in a single publication.

The Products

The plan to create a virtual store is still young but little by little we have been able to implement some products and these are some of them:


Sal por Chihuahua


Sal por Chihuahua is a non-profit group that helps disseminate information on social media for the state of Chihuahua, Mexico. It is mainly dedicated to finding lost people, blood and other projects. The philosophy of the association is that together you can achieve great things such as salt forms stones.

The Logo

The espect area, which is the minimum space that must exist between the logo and the closest element, in this case is a value equal to 1 (x = 1) in where the space that exists between the text and the isotype is 1/2.

The isotype is made up of the salt cellar lid and the bottle. The space between
these two is 1/8 of x.

The Color

The main color is a faded purple. The combinations are beige and gray. It is a sober pallete because we don´t want to have a color competition inbetween the logo and the rest of the colors in images or advertising. In the social campains the most important thing is to see the image of a lost person.


We also use the gray scale in grey and black. To reduce the costs of the printing and make more material we try to use the normal black and white printing. We don´t print pretty often though.


Finally, the logo in social media can be used with a purple background or with other combinations. There is also the :..: symbol that we use to encourage people to put a . in the comments of the social media publications in order to share and spread the information displayed. The dot means a grain of salt that can make the difference.


The Typography

The typography used for the logo will be PT SANS in its "bold" mode, the explanatory text of the logo will also be presented in PT SANS as well as those texts that are used in images and videos of social networks.

In text formats such as letterhead and letters or editorial it will be used as a companion the typography Lucida Fax in its "italic" mode. This will be especially used in stationery and other texts.


Hotel Palacio del Sol


The Palacio del Sol hotel in Chihuahua was always one of my favorite places. The height of the building allows it to be visible throughout the city. In addition, the architectural form is quite peculiar, seems like a milk carton.

I had the opportunity to work at Palacio del Sol for 2 years as Marketing Director and I am very happy to have been part of their logo makeover. I thank the Hotel Manager and the CEO for their confidence in my ideas.


Making the redesign meant great design challenges. This has been one of the most exciting projects of my career because it was possible to experiment with different forms and concepts and apply them under different circumstances.

The Palacio del Sol hotel already had its own logo, which was only changed in color and typography. This mainly because the owners of the hotel wanted to keep it as a tradition.




Space Guide


To establish the parameters of the space that the logo was going to occupy, the letter "O" of the word "hotel" was taken as reference for the value of X.

Here X is = 1 and that space delimits the area that exists between the logo and the isotype, as well as the area of espect between the logo and the outside.


Each of the colors have a special function. The gray color that is a neutral combination color to avoid using black allows the other colors to coexist in harmony. Red is the color used in food. Yellow is the color that is mixed for the image of banquets and party halls. The color purple is the color of the administration and will be used in all the stationery and especially by the sales department. Blue will always be used in rooms and advertising related to the hotel discounts. Finally, the green will be used in the bar and advertising regarding alcohol (which is limited by Mexican law).


Digital Signature

Digital signatures were an important part of branding. Some of them were made in an animated format and others in its static version. The technical details were polished to ensure that everyone could have an animated digital signature that would stand out in the sellers' emails.


The rest of the administration uses normal digital signatures. We tried to make the branding as possible, but at the same time we wanted the design to be friendly and casual to give guests and customers the confidence to speak with us as a traditional and local hotel. At the same time, our own language was always formal. We take care of the position and image of the vendors and hotel staff to ensure a formal and prudent relationship.


Businesses do not intend to print all the time. We must be careful with the proposals. Still, we did and tried all kinds of concepts. The most important thing was the variety of sales packages, advertising and image within the hotel. Sometimes we print promotional items such as bags, pens or travel folders. The paper bags were also used as gift bags for when guests bought souvenirs at the hotel gift store.

Social Media

Social networks and most of the advertising elements always used a frequent style guide to avoid ups and downs. The same colors of the branding were respected during the photo shoots. We tried that the red color and the warm tones were present during the food sessions as well as the green during the sessions of the bar and the blue in the rooms. Even so, the rooms also had some warm colors to give you a sense of welcome and to promote room service.


Photos taken by Octavio Franco



The icons of the hotel were represented with small drawings that also respected the color of each area as we mentioned before. The general areas of the hotel such as the parking lot or the internet were represented in purple.


For the day of the dead, the hotel always celebrated by placing handmade announcements. They were placed in the newspaper or in digital advertising. Some Mexican artists also participated with illustrations for hotel advertising in Christmas events.

Day of the Death 2015

Day of the Death 2015

Day of the death 2016

Day of the death 2016

All newspaper designs were first hand made and then colored in the digital format to add text. Doing it this way allowed us to explore orginality in the newspaper. The more saturated the ad was, the more readers seemed to like it. Our advertising in the newspaper was very different from the rest of the branding in order to differentiate it from the rest of the ads.

Villa Avus


Villa Avus is a new retirement home located in Chihuahua, México.  Here, the siniors can spend their time and live, as guests in the house in where they have delicious food and quality services, but there is also a space for workshops and activities in where other people can participate although they are not guests of the house. The concept of this house is similar to that of a fraternity. We wanted those who are part of this house to feel proud and happy to share pleasant moments with a light sense of healthy competition and fun.

The Sketch

The house has a peak-shaped roof. Therefore, the manager and owner of the business, Claudia Gomez, thought it would be a good idea to use that form as part of the name to pretend a village. We explored different types of logo and markets to ensure the branding to be original and represent all the values, mision, vision and philosophy of this new business.


The Concept

It seems very important to differentiate our branding from the others. I like to get out of the box to look for original ideas that other people in the city would not use. Chihuahua is a conservative and complex city but there are small niches that we can cover.

I like to think about how the user feels, not just the client. In the case of a retirement home, it often happens that the person does not want to be there. This new concept of fun is an alternative for an unattended market that, in addition, we want to be very very happy. It is a natural matter of life that in this hasty world the siniors get bored because also marketing has no many options for them. Villa Avus is a solution for all those who want to live together new adventures, also for people who has a normal life in their homes but wants to know more people after retirement.


The Colours

The Villa Avus' Pallete is cold to make it formal and sober. We want things to be as formal as possible to attract a serious and elegant consumer who can feel part of a fraternity. But at the same time some of the colors are saturated to give a touch of health and joy.

The main color is dark azure color also known as "Fun Blue" (1). This color allows us to experiment with confidence and elegance. It is also a color known for printing and painting stores which makes the customer can solve it and handle it even in a small city like Chihuahua.



Technical Information: Fun Blue / Blue Diamond / San Juan Gray / Deep Sea Green / Summer Sky / Grossamer Green

The deep sea green color (4) would also be used as an alternative for some product line. Alternative colors are only for combinations or moments where it is necessary to add more tones. I like to be specific in the colors I use since the brand is based on them. But I also give the customer options so in the future they can know what to choose if they need a change. The most complex part of having a brand like this is the administrative staff who, in many cases, do not know how to handle the color or choose it from the lists. That's why we also send files with the information of each color and we suggest to ask us if they have any consern.


The commercials

The village must be a place that, even though it is in the city, is quiet and isolated. Advertising is always directed with respect and with a classy language. In Mexico, in Spanish, words like "you" have different uses according to age. We always address ourselves with respect. (The commercial is in spanish since the client was a Mexican brand).

I believe that statistics and realism give the client confidence to trust us. I always use statistics to understand the market and the interaction with the potential client. We look for real data to make our commercials and convince people of the problems that most "Baby Boomers" (the user) are currently facing. We also use things that this generation lived and bring back memories. We make use of nostalgia to attract people and new consumers.

In the brainstorm of the campaing, we agreed that for us it is important that the client and user know that we know them and that we have a great passion for our work. In that way they also know that we are committed and our intention is to support them so that thery can achieve goals regardless of age. We try to mention age as a privilege and not as something negative, because we believe that age is experience and that is invaluable.