The following project was carried out for the doctors Arturo and Silvana Rohana, international recognized psychologists. The doctors have written 6 books of personal improvement through 30 years of experience.

The objective was to find a new essence for the brand and to be able to give it a fresh and innovative touch. The main thing was to analyze the existing to make way for the disruption.

The Logo

This logo is slightly more difficult to handle than others that I have designed because it was in a circle with the initials inside. The important thing is to keep centered the initial logo formed by the A + S and keep the proportion of the circle.


The logo is made up of small pieces of a puzzle or logic toy. The idea was to transmit freshness to the brand as the new games of neuroscience, memory or personal improvement that we find in the apps and other multimedia contents.



The Colors

I based the project on a bright color palette that was not very intense at the same time. Although I wanted it to be something striking, I did not want it to be confused with a game for children. The subjects that the books of the doctors Rohana touch are deep and serious subjects, that although they must transmit joy (by that motivation to surpass and to inform themselves) also they must be serious, for an adult.


The Books

The main objective of the project was to make a new image to sell the product "gift package". Analyzing the content of the books we discovered that it could be a "formula for success".

We are based on the mathematical theme in the alliance of the doctors, also analyzing that they are a couple and that they sell a content of improvement and a better quality of life. For that reason the "+" sign in the equation was important.


The Folder

In addition to books, Rohana doctors also give advice, therapies and conferences at an international level. It was necessary to create a folder that could contain a disc and a sheet of paper that would explain your products to potential clients or that would work as a brief explanation of your career, education and experience:

A simple version with-out card bag:

The typography

The fonts used for this project was a combination of Impact and Futura. Impact gives us the feeling of modernity and presents the problem while Futura gives us the answer.