Hotel Palacio del Sol


The Palacio del Sol hotel in Chihuahua was always one of my favorite places. The height of the building allows it to be visible throughout the city. In addition, the architectural form is quite peculiar, seems like a milk carton.

I had the opportunity to work at Palacio del Sol for 2 years as Marketing Director and I am very happy to have been part of their logo makeover. I thank the Hotel Manager and the CEO for their confidence in my ideas.


Making the redesign meant great design challenges. This has been one of the most exciting projects of my career because it was possible to experiment with different forms and concepts and apply them under different circumstances.

The Palacio del Sol hotel already had its own logo, which was only changed in color and typography. This mainly because the owners of the hotel wanted to keep it as a tradition.




Space Guide


To establish the parameters of the space that the logo was going to occupy, the letter "O" of the word "hotel" was taken as reference for the value of X.

Here X is = 1 and that space delimits the area that exists between the logo and the isotype, as well as the area of espect between the logo and the outside.


Each of the colors have a special function. The gray color that is a neutral combination color to avoid using black allows the other colors to coexist in harmony. Red is the color used in food. Yellow is the color that is mixed for the image of banquets and party halls. The color purple is the color of the administration and will be used in all the stationery and especially by the sales department. Blue will always be used in rooms and advertising related to the hotel discounts. Finally, the green will be used in the bar and advertising regarding alcohol (which is limited by Mexican law).


Digital Signature

Digital signatures were an important part of branding. Some of them were made in an animated format and others in its static version. The technical details were polished to ensure that everyone could have an animated digital signature that would stand out in the sellers' emails.


The rest of the administration uses normal digital signatures. We tried to make the branding as possible, but at the same time we wanted the design to be friendly and casual to give guests and customers the confidence to speak with us as a traditional and local hotel. At the same time, our own language was always formal. We take care of the position and image of the vendors and hotel staff to ensure a formal and prudent relationship.


Businesses do not intend to print all the time. We must be careful with the proposals. Still, we did and tried all kinds of concepts. The most important thing was the variety of sales packages, advertising and image within the hotel. Sometimes we print promotional items such as bags, pens or travel folders. The paper bags were also used as gift bags for when guests bought souvenirs at the hotel gift store.

Social Media

Social networks and most of the advertising elements always used a frequent style guide to avoid ups and downs. The same colors of the branding were respected during the photo shoots. We tried that the red color and the warm tones were present during the food sessions as well as the green during the sessions of the bar and the blue in the rooms. Even so, the rooms also had some warm colors to give you a sense of welcome and to promote room service.


Photos taken by Octavio Franco



The icons of the hotel were represented with small drawings that also respected the color of each area as we mentioned before. The general areas of the hotel such as the parking lot or the internet were represented in purple.


For the day of the dead, the hotel always celebrated by placing handmade announcements. They were placed in the newspaper or in digital advertising. Some Mexican artists also participated with illustrations for hotel advertising in Christmas events.

Day of the Death 2015

Day of the Death 2015

Day of the death 2016

Day of the death 2016

All newspaper designs were first hand made and then colored in the digital format to add text. Doing it this way allowed us to explore orginality in the newspaper. The more saturated the ad was, the more readers seemed to like it. Our advertising in the newspaper was very different from the rest of the branding in order to differentiate it from the rest of the ads.