Sal por Chihuahua


Sal por Chihuahua is a non-profit group that helps disseminate information on social media for the state of Chihuahua, Mexico. It is mainly dedicated to finding lost people, blood and other projects. The philosophy of the association is that together you can achieve great things such as salt forms stones.

The Logo

The espect area, which is the minimum space that must exist between the logo and the closest element, in this case is a value equal to 1 (x = 1) in where the space that exists between the text and the isotype is 1/2.

The isotype is made up of the salt cellar lid and the bottle. The space between
these two is 1/8 of x.

The Color

The main color is a faded purple. The combinations are beige and gray. It is a sober pallete because we don´t want to have a color competition inbetween the logo and the rest of the colors in images or advertising. In the social campains the most important thing is to see the image of a lost person.


We also use the gray scale in grey and black. To reduce the costs of the printing and make more material we try to use the normal black and white printing. We don´t print pretty often though.


Finally, the logo in social media can be used with a purple background or with other combinations. There is also the :..: symbol that we use to encourage people to put a . in the comments of the social media publications in order to share and spread the information displayed. The dot means a grain of salt that can make the difference.


The Typography

The typography used for the logo will be PT SANS in its "bold" mode, the explanatory text of the logo will also be presented in PT SANS as well as those texts that are used in images and videos of social networks.

In text formats such as letterhead and letters or editorial it will be used as a companion the typography Lucida Fax in its "italic" mode. This will be especially used in stationery and other texts.