La Oveja Holistica

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What is it?

Translated as "The holistic sheep" is a brand from Monterrey, Mexico.

It focuses on the physical, the spiritual, the psychological and the emotional. This is not something I do commonly, but the client insisted on using his daughter's drawing as an isotype. So what I do was to trace the drawing to make it vectors and reflect the lines to find symmetry. However the logo is not symmetrical because some parts were preserved like the hair direction.

Some information about this business is that 50% people do not finish their therapy because of fear. This company provide the individual with the path through the workshops, therapies, experiences and practices proposed towards your personal encounter and self-realization. Therefore, they look for a "childish" image that could help the person feel safe. This kind of drawing helps the client feel comfortable.

Once we had that drawing I decided to change the type of line. At first we wanted a calligraphic line but then we changed it for a normal round-ending line. That decision was because we wanted to make the logo by hand instead of using an existing font. The calligraphic line did not work well for the stroke we had selected. The logo was based in the font named Beverley one stroke.

I traced the letters by hand and then retraced them with vector lines. The next thing was to measure the separations with spaces.

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The main idea of the client was to use the colors in chromatic order, but that would throw the market in another direction. Saturated rainbow colors are very common and we prefer to experiment with other combinations.

In addition to this logo we also create a version in which the whole herd of sheep appears. The only problem was that we return to the rainbow. Yes, we look for a childish idea, but we also wanted to be serious because this company is based in therapy and discipline. So we keep the rainbow just to use it sometimes, in some places, but we took off the green sheep and change it for a black one.


This is the final result of the logo. This is the oficial one.