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Sometimes we want someone to listen to our ideas and give us their opinion. Whether in person with a good coffee or through skype, we can talk about your idea for an hour and establish design, marketing or creative thinking strategies that allow your project to grow and develop.

The consultation has a price of $20 USD that will be deducted from the price of your final project if we work together. In other words, if during the meeting we specified that I would do the final design, those $20 USD would be subtracted from the total as if you had paid them in advance.

However, if you do not want me to do the design, there is no commitment, that price only covers my consultation time.

Why is the consultation time charged? for many years I never charged an hour of consultation. This is something new that I intend to establish after dozens of times that I kept waiting for clients. I canceled commitments to serve people who never returned, who tried to convince me to work for free or who simply took my ideas with other free designers.

What does the consultation time include? all the questions that you have during that hour. If you need another hour, we can extend it according to your decision for  $10 USD per additional hour. In those hours, we will establish a clear idea according to your project.  If your case is very complex or I can not help you, be assured that I will be completely honest and sincere and will refer you to a colleague of my confidence. We will not have an appointment if I can't help you.

Is there any delivery or fisical product during a consultation? No, it's usually a conversation. But sometimes, during long consultations, we can make specific calendars about your case to organize your project, for example, in the case of animated shorts that are large and complex projects.

How to schedule a consultation hour? the consultation is paid in advance and then an hour is agreed according to the international schedule. You can fill out the following form to verify if there is space available on the day you need the consultation. I will answer you ASAP to send you the banking information to make the deposit and confirm the appointment.

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