boysenberry lab mx & ca

Ps / Dw / Pr / Ai / Id / AE / Procreate / Web builders / Social media tools

Graphic Designer and 2D animator
Dates Employed Jan 2018 – Present
Location: North Vancouver, Canada and Mexico City Area, Mexico

Boysenberry Lab is a creative agency, we do different projects at the same time. Some of this projects depends on the clients needs and could be:

- Creating 2D animation and art for different creative projects.

- Graphic Design, Branding and Design for printing.

- Product Creation like: toys, necklaces, notebooks and more.

- Marketing strategy for any kind of business.

- Innovation, Social Media and Public Relations.

We made the website of Spirality of Life , the sells project for Enterpack Canada their sign and advertising, the branding, packaging, merchandising, and website for Italbay the magazines for the West Vancouver Youth Band Society , the vinyls, signs, branding and decor of Scident Dental Clinic , the menus and branding for Smoke and Bones , including the car wraps and signs, the Mkt project, web design and innovation process of Stickie , the Mkt plan for an Audio Game called The Artifact, the web design for Woodquest and other clients.


Frostbite / Animation & cinematics

Maya / Frostbite / Ps / AE

Animation Development Support (QA)
Location: Vancouver, Canada Area

•Coordinate with Development Partners, both on-site and off-site at other studios.

•Execution of manual test cases for tools released. Improve existing test cases to ensure that the fixes made for the tool meet their purpose. The test cases also must be updated on a recurring basis. Write documentation in the intern system that serves as support for the rest of the teams concerning animation, rigging and cinematics.

•Provide Qualitative feedback regarding the product. Get information about the work of the other animation teams and their process in order to innovate and improve the tools that they use during everyday tasks.

Some of the most important games from EA sports Vancouver are: FIFA , NHL , UFC , Maden NFL, Battlefield, among others.


Rowdy nature

Maya /Ps / Dw / Pr / Ai / Id / AE

Graphic Designer / Animator

•Develop ideas from client requirements.
•Provide design concepts and animations.
•Branding, social media content, web design.
•Research, mood board and style guide creation.

We did animations for the CGAC jeux du canada, the website and branding of Gautier Dresses in San Antonio, the branding, social media project for Otalora Rohana in Mexico City, the branding and web design for LD Steel LCC in Texas. We managed the community of animators and designers of the North of Mexico. We worked in the social media, branding, marketing coordination and everything related to marketing of the Hotel Palacio del Sol (I worked for the Hotel for 1.6 years and then, I moved to Rowdy, we Keep the client until Dec 2016, then I moved into EA and then this client followed me to Boysenberry Lab), Some of this clients may change the websites now, but you can find my UI portfolio in this link. We made assets and characters for mini games that you can find in this link. The most important project of Rowdy Nature was an app for kids to learn to read and write. Unfortunately the main investor of the company died in 2017 and Rowdy Nature closed its doors permanently.