O Studio - Polanco 2019

Boysenberry Lab - Canada 2019





01. "Non conventional"

The article talks about a woman who wants to be anything but conventional. She does not want to compromise the decisions that make her happy just to satisfy the fears of society.

02. "Envy dyed"

The article talks about a woman who must face the envy of being beautiful. Her friend tells the story. The title "envy dyed" alludes to a saying in Spanish "if envy were ink", that's why the character appears full in ink but in a colourfull magical way, she is facing that she is, in fact, beutiful and proud.


This is the fashion illustration section that I have done for my friends' projects and for videogame and short film characters. I studied fashion design in Buenos Aires, Argentina. The world of fashion is very interesting to me, not only in the sense of design and aesthetics but also in its commercial sense.


The following designs were made for the short of "Starfish" in 2013, it was a personal project that spoke of an ecological dystopia in the year 5000. The idea was a combination of underwear and warlike uniforms. The characters of this story, mostly women, were dressed with scraps of clothing and broken shoes as they were enslaved in a gear factory. But after all, the look should be feminine, comfortable (to run) and with a special style for each character.