LVL Design

Project: Fundidora Steampunk

Fundidora Park is a public park located east of Monterrey, Mexico. It is one of the most important places in the city. This urban sustainable park is located inside the former Monterrey Foundry Property with an area of 142 hectares. Many children today do not know the history of this important park.

We were a team of twelve people and we wanted a project that would make children become interested in learning more about the park.  Our goal was to create an innovative project for children. This project was successfully completed but is still in its innovation cycle. We know that in the future this project could be useful for education.

Photo - Dron view from Fundidora by Skydrone Mx

Photo - Dron view from Fundidora by Skydrone Mx


After planning the idea we decided to go directly to the park to take photos. We took over 600 pictures in two days. We collect textures, references and things which we found interesting. We also conduct historical research.

Fundidora Park has modern and ancient buildings. We wanted to add a special touch to the buildings for children to remember the place. Children could explore the virtual world and imagine it when they walked through the real park.

We made a map of the experience that the user would have to cross the level. Everything was based on the environment. 




We decided to place the steampunk style to play with different elements. So all buildings should have rare elements, we cased buildings with details such as gears and rust. Before to start we made sketches on how to be.

One of my main goals was that the child was able to explore everything. So even though the actual buildings have no elevators or stairs I added those things so the child could climb to the roof and have a view of the big picture.


These are some of the elements we use to make it. The time of day could vary depending on the case so some things like lamps lit up at night.


Once we design and model the elements we integrate into the platform in UDK.  The Monterrey Foundry (Monterrey Steel Foundry Company) operated from 1900 until its bankruptcy in 1986. The level had hidden monuments and statues that functioned as characters giving information to the user about the park's history. There were also some vehicles corresponding to each decade of 1900 to 2000 to give information about the history of the century.  We wanted the child to do a relationship between the park and what was happening in the world at that same time.


Finally, this is a test of what we got. We create more than one level. Were 12 equal maps but with different details of lighting and arrangement.