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All conversations between the client and the team are completely private. We will never share content or valuable information for the project without first asking for your consent. It is understood that confidentiality agreements are sometimes signed. Please do not hesitate to let us know if it is necessary to sign documents.

One boss only

Under our "one boss" policy we do not allow more than one person in charge. Wives, friends, administrators or any other person will NOT be able to give opinions, request changes or be involved in the project. We recommend that you make the meetings with your partners before requesting our services. Why? for many years we worked with difficult clients who also had difficult families or friends and ended up supporting a soap opera. We do not want to get involved in personal problems or cause discomfort! We want this process to make your project pleasant and fun, do not put another person in our beautiful relationship. In the same way, the contact will be made with me only and not with the rest of the team, in this way misunderstandings are avoided.


Read carefully the information we send to you. We will not work with you forever... the calendars are fulfilled and our relationship ends. Some customers have returned up to two years later to request free redesigns. We don´t make any redesign for free. We have a project with 5 stages from begining to end.


The artwork or design do not includes printing, finding printers or carrying printed material to the final destination. That means that the design only includes its digital format.

No free services

Please be aware that I will not work for free under any circumstances. I will commit myself to be a designer allied with my colleagues so, out of respect for the industry, I will not give away any work. Thanks for understand that we are valuable professionals.

Prices and deposits

If the total cost of the project is less than 200 dollars, the payment must be made 100% before starting. We will not start working without payment being made. If the price is greater than 200 dollars, the payment can be divided according to the needs of the client. Typically a 60% payment is made at the beginning and 40% on the day of delivery. No work will be delivered without having covered 100% of the price. Under no circumstances will we do your work for free.We do not work for exhibition, nor for charity. Thanks for understanding.