Special design of a wrap paper, box, display or any other package of a product or present. (If you are looking for just a label for your product please click here).

  • Design of the package based on your needs

  • Label with the information (you must provide the text in a .doc file)

  • Technical files (ready for the staff to print)

  • Instructions (for printers and staff)

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For this service we will probably need:

- Your logo. If you don’t have one, we can make it for you, please click here to add this product to your cart.
- This logo must be in vectors (if you already have a logo but is not in vectors, please quote it here before to contract our services).
- Written information or symbols about the product or item, this could be: legal information like Nutrition Facts, and Materials, etc.
- Measurements of your product, displays or any other numbers for sizes.
- We have image stocks and some generic photos, but is better if you provide your own imagery for your labels and packaging.


  1. This is not a printing service (is only the design) you can contact us to know more about our printing partners.

  2. Please note that the prices are in USD currency, if you have any question please contact us .

  3. It is better to have all the information, photos and images ready when you place your order to save time. We can’t start without it.

  4. We always suggest placing your order with a minimum of 2 weeks advance notice, usually we don’t take design-emergencies.

    Thank you!