Join Mint and Coco to explore the colorful road! collect the 12 keys to open the main door and rescue the other kids!

Along with Blueberry, Matcha, Strawberry, Pumpkin and her other friends they will undertake an adventure to learn about the importance of friendship and love.


Collect the keys!

Each chapter is a story, 12 in total, to complete the whole story. Each key is about something important for each character.


Skating on the Colorful Road is the first of the 12 little stories.

In this part of the story, Mint is ready for a great weekend. She goes to the park to look for his friends but upon arrival she realize that all they have been lost!

Coco appears from a bush to explain that the evil Cherry has taken them all.

Both, Mint and Coco will undertake a search in their rescue, but not before going through some food for the adventure.

In the meantime, Axolotl will tell the story with his particular sense of humor.