I decided to create an special section in my website to talk about Marketing and Social Media. I love Marketing and it is one of my favorite things to do for a living.

I have experience in:

  • Social Media

  • Printing

  • Advertising

  • Public Relations

  • Sales

  • Strategy

Why? Interacting with other people by sharing information it is super important nowdays and I can spend hours looking for the right information to share and planning a good way to do it in order to achieve an specific goal.

I have experience in social media, I mean in the internet but also I know other kinds of media liike: TV, radio, newspapers, and other traditional forms. I worked in marketing for hotels, restaurants, night clubs, video-games, museums, social innovation projects, blogs, jewelry stores, fashion stores, writers, food distributors and more.

When I started?

I started to study Mkt many years ago, in 2008 when I was living in Buenos Aires, Argentina. I went to study Mkt and fashion because I wanted to mix both. I loved animation, always, but the schools in Mexico had no animation programs at the time.

I decided to study fashion in the meantime to think about what to do next. The first option was graphic design but in 2008 I had one or two years working in graphic design already and I wanted to be an animator to know more about the industry. Really, I had a huge curiosity about how make drawings move and I needed to discover it.

So… Later on, one of the most important design schools in mexico opened the career in animation. And I decided to go back to my country. I went back to my real pasion which is animation and I studied animation in Monterrey, Mexico.

Some people say: “You can’t have so many passions!?” …but, yes, you can.

I had the most amazing time in my life when I lived in Monterrey. CEDIM was the best decision in my life. I was in animation and I was crazy about it. But the best part was that I was in the correct place: because they love marketing too.

I never stoped loving business and innovation and that’s why I took workshops to know more about the process of innovation, sales and business.


Yes… I feel that the most important part about marketing and business is sales. I know that it is one of those things that you love it or you hate it, but still is important. Sales is an art and there is not an specific way to sell something. There is a lot of books about sales and I read a lot of them, but I think that sales depends on you. I think is very personal.

I really hope you enjoy this part of my website,

Please feel free to take a look and if you are looking for a marketing strategy or for a community manager please let me know. We can be a wonderful team together.