MRO - Ojinaga Museum

The Ojinaga museum is recently accepted as a museum by the government. After almost 30 years of struggle to name it a museum, it finally opened its doors to the public in 2018. Before it was the house of culture Manuel Ojinaga, you can see the first branding here.

So we had to redo all the branding including this website:


One of the most important things was to have a map to show the exact location since Ojinaga is a very small city. Also the description of the address is important.


The experience

We want this site to have all the information about culture in the city, such as links to the other cultural groups like Toastmasters and the Acting Group.

The experience of this page will include more things. Some extra tabs were added to place a workshop calendar. We want to give it a mystical identity because Ojinaga has many fossils and stones.This museum will present art and culture. But it is also possible that in the future it has a history room that will also contain dinosaurs.

Before the house of culture handled a branding for children. Dedicated exclusively to culture and workshops for children. Now we want to include something more serious and formal in this, not even we will keep the cute mascots specially for printing and social media.

Deadline Survivor UX/UI

Deadline Survivor is an animation blog in spanish about the animation industry in Latinamerica.

The illustrations were made by talented Mexican artists. The two owls, which are the mascots of the brand, were made by Nijah (Piñatha) under the pattern of colors established by the branding.

The other illustrations were not made for Deadline Survivor but were borrowed by recognized Mexican animators to dress the blog (Carlos Mejía, Quique Foyo and Salomón Duarte) with their permission, of course.


To avoid making Motion Graphics videos, animated gifs with invitations were made. This will change from 2019 since the site will be relaunched.


One of the problems to solve was the number of categories that the blog has. With a strong “mystery” campaign in social media, these initials are intended to be part of the brand. When you click on each one, it takes you to a different category of the blog. The categories have their own branding because they represent each of the members of the animation industry such as: students, teachers, animators, artists, producers, technical animators, investors, etc.



The user experience in this blog is really important. The calendar is one of the most important features in this website. It is a calendar for animators to prepare the next-year demo-reel. The calendar is connected with the calendar in the Facebook Group and all the members of the group should to the challenge in two weeks or less and present it for the rest of the members to get feedback.

A free advertising page is expected, so the experience with banners is never interrupted. In the content, the Deadline Survivor twitter messages appear as well as the invitation to subscribe but there is no advertising.


Boysenberry Lab . ca



The first step was to create an illustration to give life to the brand. This illustration would work as a banner at the top.

The illustration contains some of the services of the brand such as graphic design, printing and marketing. In addition, test tubes fly around a bonfire with marshmellows.


The illustration works as a home-page decoration.



The content has pictures that come together. Some yellow tones highlight parts of the text. It was important to create a feeling of being reading an editorial format.