Fashion blog


The project

This project was made based on typography. Being the typography the most iconic element and using images as part of the composition.

In order to achieve my goal I used the typography called April Fatface, Helvetica and Acumin.


I wanted it to create a fashion blog, I just looked for some free images on the internet. Of course, in the real project, photographs will be related to more interesting subjects and not random pics. But the process and style of the blog will be kind of similar.

The color

Another challenge was to make the color palette. I tried some other combinations before but I jumped to the pink because I think this blog could have a market of young women interested in a serious and elegant fashion style. According to Wikipedia, surveys in Europe and the United States says pink is the color most often associated with charm, politeness, sensitivity, tenderness, sweetness, childhood, femininity and the romantic.


I mixed it with Orange because that will allow the designers to make another combinations in the future. Orange is a good door to jump into different ideas without loosing the charming effect from pink. Also, in my research and according to the "color meaning" site, orange is considered a fun, light color with appetizing and delicious qualities. It also increases the oxygen supply to the brain and stimulates mental activity.

Finally I added the dark purple color to open the possibility of combination with cold colors for winter.

The Sketch


To create the sketch the first thing was to create a template that had the 12 separations of the UI. Normally web-pages work better with rules that help me measure spaces. Also this is important for programers and developers to know where the elements will be. The non-safe area is there for bleeding options.

I prefer to put the search bar and social media at the top of the designs because I feel is a good spot for people to find this important information.

I also add the social media at the bottom too sometimes, if the user is reading and got interested in the information then probably will look for the social media and follow the blog. Also, the newsletter should be in the home page somewhere for the same purpose.

Articles, photos and videos can be solved after. This was the last sketch before start designing.

The final result